Spring Fling

See what’s blooming at San Francisco Zoo & Gardens this spring! We have an incredibly unique collection of African plants, including more than a half dozen varieties of pin cushions, ranging from red to yellow, as well as proteas and aloes. Many of these beauties can be found near the African Savanna, including nearly the entire perimeter of the expansive mixed-species exhibit. Discover Pride of Madeira and Tower of Jewels, the colorful cone-shaped flowers in a variety of purple hues. 

In addition to drought tolerant African plants, our native California flowers also thrive at our 100 acre park. California poppies are springing up at Greenie’s Conservation Corner and near the Lion Fountain. California lilacs are dotting the grounds with pops of purple.

Anyone who loves gardening, nature and beautiful landscaping should visit now to see these glorious plants in full bloom!  Click here for more information on our many gardens.

Photos by Marianne Hale