Celebrating Dads & Giraffes


We’re pleased to offer free admission to fathers who come to the Zoo with their children on Sunday, June 18!  Enjoy live music performances by Steel Jam from 12:00-3:00 pm in The Depot, located near the Pachyderm Building.  The Depot is firing up the grill and pouring Dad's favorite beverages to celebrate Father's Day!  

Father’s Day weekend falls on the longest weekend of the year and San Francisco Zoo & Gardens is celebrating by highlighting the animal with the longest neck! Sunday, June 18 is a day of giraffe education, coinciding with World Giraffe Day, which raises awareness about the challenges giraffe face and their dwindling population numbers in the wild.  

Currently, giraffe are listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. In the past decade, four out of five Reticulated giraffes have died in Africa because of human population migration, poaching for hides, meat and tail hairs, and food insecurity which leads to hunting.  Since 1999, nearly 50% of wild giraffes have been lost to these factors, leaving just 80,000 individuals.  

World Giraffe Day began in 2014 to start the conversation about giraffe conservation and the importance of protecting one of the most magnificent and well-known animals on earth. Momentum is building and drawing attention of scientists and researchers, but we still need to continue spreading the word. Please attend our Keeper Talks at 11:30 am at the Acacia Plaza to learn about our giraffe herd and giraffe conservation
and 4:30 pm in the barn to highlight Floyd (the giraffe dad) and conservation efforts.

Photo by Marianne Hale