APE-ril Awareness Weekend

Let’s go bananas for APE-ril! 

Come learn all about apes on Saturday and Sunday, April 1 & 2 at San Francisco Zoo & Gardens! To kick off APE-ril, we’re highlighting SF Zoo’s three ape species – gorillas, siamangs and chimpanzees. Attend three special Keeper Talks (schedule below) this weekend only to learn history, diets, characteristics and more about the animals most closely related to humans. 

Participate in our cell phone recycling program benefiting gorilla conservation. Drop off your old cell phones in our Membership Office and we'll take care of the rest! 

Special APE-ril Keeper Talks

Saturday and Sunday, April 1 & 2

11:30 - Siamangs 
12:30 - Gorillas 
3:00 - Chimps 

By Marianne Hale