Animal Artists in Residence

From cockroaches to chimpanzees, dozens of animals at the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens have created beautiful works of art for our inaugural Animal Artists in Residence project.  Some animals “painted” using a brush while others stepped or rolled through water-based paint before transferring it onto a fabric canvas.  The activity provides enrichment for the animals and produces unique and beautiful artwork!  

Nearly 50 of these paintings will be up for auction at the Zoo’s premiere fundraising event, ZooFest, happening April 30 at 6:00 pm at the Zoo.  A select number of paintings are available to the public via eBay from Thursday, April 21 to Friday, April 29.   Paintings featured on the eBay public site include the following animal artists:  

“Tenzing” - red panda
“Cobby,” “Maggie” and “Minnie” - chimps
“Gauhati” - rhino
“Leeann” - Sumatran tiger
“Spice Girls” - European ferrets 
“Angie” - Mandrill

Each framed painting is accompanied by a special note featuring information about the animal artist.  100% of the proceeds help the Zoo accomplish its mission to connect people with wildlife, inspire caring for nature and advance conservation action.  

Click here to view the artwork and other items for sale on eBay. Items being added Tuesday, May 3!